from Places - 10 pieces for solo piano by Ernst Bacon
No place called 'Petticoat Slide' actually exists in Tennessee, although there is a crossroads in Hawkins County that was formerly called 'Slide' (named for a particularly steep road). However, there was a country dance similar to the Virgina Reel called the 'slide' in which ladies in long dresses would skip from one end of the dance line to the other by holding up their dresses to keep from tripping over them - which allowed their petticoats to show and to slide or sweep over the floor. It is likely, from indications in the music, that the title 'Petticoat Slide TN' originates from the 'slide' dance, which Bacon must have seen when traveling in Tennessee. 'Petticoat Slide TN' is made up of several smoothly connected musical sections, representing different sections of the dance. And in several of those sections, the music seems to suggest the 'sliding'.
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