The Musical Intervals Tutor

Date: Sun 11/4/18 2:57PM
From: Terry

Message: minor 6 first 2 notes,in my life the Beatles

Date: Tue 07/10/18 8:23PM
From: JeremyThafe

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Date: Mon 05/1/17 5:05PM
From: Jean-Pierre Guadagnini

Message: Thank you for creating this site, it is really a beginner I hope it will help me

Date: Wed 03/1/17 3:05PM
From: Ann

Message: Check to hymns for more intervals. Tons there.
Also! My perfect revenge for ill-behaved middle school students who need 'remedial'/redirected a**ignments - so they can be returned to the general student population!

Date: Wed 02/8/17 12:39AM
From: S Withers

Message: Love it! Thanks for such a helpful, concise resource!

Date: Wed 02/1/17 8:39PM
From: Julie

Message: "Look Down" from Les Mis is a perfect 4th.

Date: Mon 01/30/17 5:45AM
From: Meg

Message: Georgia from "Georgia on my Mind" is a minor 3.

Date: Tue 01/10/17 1:20PM
From: Ashley

Message: This is very helpful! It's really helped me study for music theory. :D

Date: Wed 08/24/16 2:52AM
From: Tedddy

Message: Thank you for this. I wish the intervals would just play a little faster after one another. Have a good one!

Date: Fri 06/3/16 9:56AM
From: Meka

Message: Great site love it! Can songs for descending intervals be added as well?

Date: Thu 02/25/16 9:16PM
From: Leo Richard Comerford

Message: Another ascending perfect forth: the "Away" at the beginning of "Away in a Manger".

Date: Tue 02/23/16 7:02PM
From: Leo Richard Comerford

Message: Minor 2nd: the "creeply, crawly!" middle eight from "Boris the Spider" by the Who.

Date: Thu 01/7/16 6:40PM
From: Diane

Message: For a decending perfect 5th: the words "miles on" from the Erie Canal song.

Date: Sun 02/15/15 10:39AM
From: Judy

Message: Thank you for creating this site, it is really helpful.