Founded October 10, 1910 by Flora M. Harvey, Senza Rito is an organization dedicated to the performance and enjoyment of music and fellowship with other musicians and lovers of music. Located in and around Alameda and Contra Costa counties, Senza Rito also seeks to actively support young musicians and youth programs in the community in their musical pursuits.

Regular meetings of the club are held in the homes of members, the second Saturday of the month at 2 p.m., from September through June. Performers are members and their guests.

Membership is open to musicians who have performed at one or more Senza Rito meetings, or have been recommended by two or more members. Non-performers are eligible for membership if recommended by two or more members. The President will request the Membership Chair to notify the prospective member about meetings, performance, and dues. Only dues-paying members are eligible to request a performance. Dues are $25.00 per year, payable by September 1st at the start of the season.