Where are the meetings held?

Senza Rito meets at the homes of members who generously volunteer to host the music groups. For each monthly meeting, directions to the host site are provided on the program that is emailed to members prior to the meeting.

How often does Senza Rito meet?

Senza Rito meets September through June on the second Saturday of the month at 2:00 p.m. The schedule of the current year’s meetings and sites is available in the Senza Rito Members’ Handbook and on this website.

Do I have to audition to join?

Most applicants have already been heard in performance at Senza Rito, and usually this can serve as their audition. (Auditions can be waived by the president or the board when applicants have already performed for the club with existing members. Otherwise an audition can be arranged.)

What’s the best time of year to join?

Anytime—but ideally before June, so that you can make a performance request for the next season.

How do I apply to give a performance at one of the meetings?

An individual musician or a member of a group may fill out an application through the website, or with a paper form. The application form is available in June and July for the following season, and is due by the end of July. The Programs chair, Deborah Long, then draws up a performance schedule. There is also a waiting list in case people have to cancel during the season.

What’s the deadline for submitting performance requests?

Usually the deadline is the beginning of August. See the performance request form for the exact date.

How can I obtain a handbook?

Request a handbook from Katy Wilson (KatyBWilson@att.net).

How do I renew my membership?

To renew your membership for the following season, please send a $25 check, made payable to Senza Rito, by September 1st to:

Letitia Casebeer
431 Wildwood Avenue
Piedmont, CA 94611

How do I offer to bring refreshments?

Two members bring refreshments each month. Please contact the Hospitality chair, Arlene Lee (arlenehlee@gmail.com), to choose your month.

I have a conflict and need to cancel my performance date. What do I do?

Contact the Program chair, Deborah Long (deborah1733@gmail.com), ASAP so that a substitute can be called up from the waiting list.