Madeline Salocks

Web Development for Overread

Overread provided medical image transport via the internet for a network of physicians. While working at Overread, I developed and maintained various web-based applications (and also developed and maintained the associated SQL Server databases). In addition, I was responsible for a portion of the C++ development related to accessing the PC-based image applications.

Web Projects | C++

Web Projects

1. Unified the look and developed several major enhancements for the public site.

2. Developed several database-driven internal and member websites:

Customer Information Admin and Reports

Accessible by: Overread internal personnel only

  • Administration of all customer information (for the Overread network of physicians and sonographers), Overread sales agent information, and general medical information for presentation on the company websites
  • Reports detailing and summarizing Overread medical study transmissions
  • Reports tracking administrative changes

Archived Medical Study Retrieval

Accessible by: Overread customers

Functionality: Search and retrieval of archived medical studies


Accessible by: Overread customers and customized by customer type ("Point of Care" scanning physician, "Point of Diagnosis" reading physician, or independent sonographer)

  • Update of personal profile information
  • Display of pertinent profile information of other customers (the Overread network of physicians)
  • Display of professional medical information (for example: contact and URL information for various radiology licensing agencies in all 50 US states, ultrasound scanning protocols, etc)

Product Component Configuration and Sales Quotes/Purchase Orders

Accessible by: Overread internal personnel only

Functionality: Web-based prototype for maintaining product component configurations and for producing sales quotes and purchase orders for the various products

Overread Events Calendar

Accessible by: Overread internal personnel only

Functionality: Maintenance of information pertaining to meetings, trade shows, etc.

C++ Projects

Wrote C++ classes to serve as an interface between the client-resident "Point of Care" (image capture) and "Point of Diagnosis" (image reading) applications and the SQL Server based Overread database. The goal was to encapsulate the complexity of interfacing to the database with C++ and provide the higher level applications with simpler function calls.

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