Madeline Salocks

Web Development for PetersenDean Roofing

While working at PetersenDean, I developed several large web applications for internal use.

Bid Registry | Re-Roof Job Schedule Maintenance | Exempt Timesheet | Employee Vacation/Sick/LOA Tracking | Corporate Intranet

The Bid Registry

The Bid Registry

Designed and developed The Bid Registry, a Php/Mysql web application for Sales personnel to track information pertaining to all bids submitted to builders. Also served as a management tool for executives and replaced a previous paper-based/Excel spreadsheet system. The application was used company-wide (Northern CA, Southern CA, AZ, NV, and FL).


  • Entry/maintenance of all bid information (with variations on entry form for awarded bids as well as bids for commercial projects as opposed to residential)
  • Entry/maintenance of scheduling forecast plan for awarded bids
  • Display of active bids with numerous sort/search/filtering options
  • Auto-calculation of sales percentages for the sales reps
  • Archiving of bids
  • Configuration of various display elements and selection lists based on sales region of user (determined by login id)
  • Auto-logoff after specific period of time with no activity
  • Printer-friendly reports and page views
  • Numerous tool-tips; general help pop-up windows for each page; and new feature highlights
  • Automated default unique bid numbers per division
  • Auto-completion for common entries
  • Installation: Excel to Mysql conversion tailored for different divisions

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Re-roof Job Schedule Maintenance

Designed and developed Re-roof Job Schedule Maintenance, a Php/Mysql web application for the Residential Re-Roof division to support internal staff with job tracking, reporting, and customer service, and to provide customers the ability to access scheduling info via the web.


  • Entry of re-roof scheduling information and display with various sort/search options
  • Integrated maintenance of product/colors and key contacts
  • Main listing of records with a variety of sort/search options
  • Various Reports
  • Pull of selected data from external accounting system and checks for integrity between the 2 databases
  • A web page on the PetersenDean public site for customers to access their re-roofing job schedule information

Exempt Timesheet


Developed the Exempt Timesheet, an intranet-linked page to streamline the submitting of exempt employee timesheets (previously handled via traditional paper forms filled out completely by hand).


  • Pre-filled dates for current week
  • Ability to select another week if needed
  • Choice of either printing or sending via email

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Employee Vacation/Sick/LOA Tracking

Designed and developed Employee Vacation/Sick/LOA Tracking, a Php/Mysql web application for HR, tailored to PetersenDean-specific vacation policy (replacing a previous paper-based/Excel spreadsheet system).

  • Manual entry as well as retrieval from an external accounting system of general employee information
  • Entry of vacation, sick, and leave of absence (LOA) time events - with automatic recognition of weekends and holidays
  • Capability of adding or deducting miscellaneous available vacation hours at HR discretion (ie: bonus day off)
  • Automatic calculation of total vacation time accrual based on various rules (for example: length of employment, category of employee, and company/division; with modification of accrual total based on events such as LOA over 30 days or vacation accrual maxed out)
  • A web page for internal staff to access their vacation status via the web
  • Automation of the vacation request process (including an online request form, automated emails to managers and HR, and a request status page)
  • Capability of linking in the vacation request data to the main Vacation Admin application

Corporate Intranet

Had primary responsibility and was the point of contact for all updates and enhancements to the company internal website (using a Mambo CMS): keeping the pages current and fresh; gathering and/or creating new and updated content; locating and/or creating graphics and changing them up frequently; editing text content where needed; and injecting humor and whimsical elements. Incorporated Vacation Request form and developed the associated back-end processing. Created selected sections/pages (ie: company soccer team info) with a layout such that it could be easily updated by other staff. Did the copywriting for the Safety section including CPR class information.