Places is a collection of 10 short pieces for solo piano by 20th century American composer Ernst Bacon. Contemporary and accessible, they are suitable for performing pianists, piano students of varying levels, and piano teachers looking for new music.
Many of the compositions included in 'Places' were inspired by Bacon's travels to lesser known geographic locations.
To listen to the pieces, click on the titles below the painting, then click on the 'speaker' icon or the arrow (Flash).
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$45 incl shipping/handling for non-US
Painting by Ernst Bacon, circa 1935
Fog Over Calais |  Gnaw Bone IN |  Finger Lake Hills |  Mozart Haus in Salzburg |  Auxerre
Fording the Chama River |  Ruwenzori |  Cañon de Chelly |  Petticoat Slide TN |  Yemassee River SC