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We know how important it is for you to track your debt progress. To make it easier, we’ve improved your Client Dashboard experience so you can gain greater insight into what’s happening in your program.
Your debts will progress through four negotiation phases: Upcoming, Current, In Process, and Resolved.
In the Upcoming phase, the debt is awaiting your action and there are three types of negotiation activity that describe the status of your enrolled debt: Pending Available Funds, Action Needed, and Authorization Needed. But since each debt has its own negotiation strategy, your debts may not be involved in every type of negotiation activity.
Learn more about what it means when your debts are in the Upcoming phase.
Your first settlement could come anytime! Be sure to look for and respond to all notifications from Freedom Debt Relief for settlement authorizations. And remember, the more you build up your Dedicated Account, the sooner we may be able to make your next settlement…and the sooner you could graduate.
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