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  • Watch how you can find balance on your journey to achieving financial freedom
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  • Read how one client resolved her debt and adopted better money habits
  • Read 10 ways to get more bang for your travel bucks
  • Learn how to protect yourself from identity theft
Resolving Debt Without the Stress
Clients often tell us that enrolling in the Freedom Debt Relief program gives them peace of mind because they know they are making progress on resolving their debt. We’re honored to be your partner on this journey and are working to help you achieve financial freedom. Just stay committed to your deposit schedule and let us take care of the rest.
In this video, watch Rita explain how the program took away stress and helped her find balance in her life.
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Got questions? We’ve got answers.
Your Client Dashboard is a one-stop shop for all of your program resources and offers a wealth of information on how to stay on top of your finances. Visit the FAQs page to get your questions answered on a variety of topics including Your Dedicated Account, Negotiations, Settlements, and more. Here are some questions you may be interested in:
  • What if I miss a program deposit?
  • Why is a certain debt not settled yet?
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What Clients Are Saying …
"I have learned how to tighten my belt and do without. Having been strapped for the past 4 years and followed the FDR program, I've been able to pay off my debt and close out my credit cards. I look forward to saving some money so if I have emergencies in the future I will have money to cover them. I found I could do with less. FDR has been very helpful to me. I'm about to graduate from their program, what a good feeling that is!"
— Linda M
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Your Identity
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