Madeline Salocks

Web Development for The Kessler Group

While working at the San Francisco office of The Kessler Group, I developed a wide range of projects for various Kessler clients and for the Kessler SF Agency itself.

Kessler SF Agency Website | Flash Projects | Design Review Web Applications | Other Websites | Marketing Campaign Emails and Client Landing Pages | Miscellaneous Pages

Kessler SF Agency Website

Programmed the Kessler SF agency website per design provided by the design group.

Kessler SF Agency Website

Flash Projects

ESPN Wheel Used Actionscript 3 to develop the wheel functionality (spinning, forward and backward movement with arrows, dragging, and image display associated with the pie wedge selection) for the ESPN "Total Access Million Points" piece.

ESPN "Total Access Million Points"
Kessler Interactive Introduction - Case Studies Used Actionscript 3 and XML to create the custom scrolling thumbnails for the Case Studies portion of the "Kessler Interactive Introduction". (Ensure window is at full height, and view thumbnails by clicking the link below and once the main menu appears, selecting "Case Studies".)
Kessler Interactive Introduction

Design Review Web Applications

1. Developed and maintained Kessler SF "Design Review", a web-based application for staff and clients to view rounds of comps during the design phase of projects. Application included a client viewing side and an administrative maintenance side.

  • Admin and Client sides: ID/password protection, and login status check on all pages
  • Admin and Client sides: Categories of design files: wireframes, comps, banners
  • Admin and Client sides: Heirarchy of levels (within the categories) for which design files and related information are stored and displayed: projects, rounds within projects, options within rounds, banner batches within projects
  • Admin side: Uploading of various types of files (images – jpg, gif, png; flash; pdf; excel; various audio formats), and storage of the files in a MySql DB
  • Admin and Client sides: Display of image and flash files retrieved from the MySql DB
  • Admin and Client sides: Playing of audio files retrieved from the MySql DB with an embedded audio player
  • Admin and Client sides: Downloading of pdf and excel files retrieved from the MySql DB
  • Admin side: Client side preview
  • Admin: Editing of project information at the various levels within the various categories
  • Admin: Various types of sorting and filtering of the project list display
  • Admin: Editing of project information at all levels
Kessler SF Design Review Screenshots

2. Developed a custom version of Design Review for Amica Insurance.

3. Developed a custom version of Design Review for Corinthian Colleges Inc. similar to Amica Insurance.

Other Websites

Washington Mutual Bank(WAMU)/Aliaswire "Send Direct"

Programmed the front end of the WAMU/Aliaswire website for the "Send Direct" money transfer program.
WAMU/Aliaswire Send Direct sample pages:

Customer summary
Send money
Claim money
Where to send money
User registration
Terms and conditions
Identity verification

(Note: Links are not active, and some placeholder text is used.)

Organs 'R Us Relay Website

Programmed new landing page, new navigation structure, and other miscellaneous changes for existing website.
Organs 'R Us Relay : Short Demo
Organs 'R Us Relay : Live site

WAMU "Balance Transfer Usability Study" Microsites

Programmed pages per provided design for testing 2 alternative flows for processing credit card balance transfers.
BT Usability Microsite v1 Demo

WAMU "Re-branding"

Programmed front end for dozens of pages for the WAMU Credit Card "Online Access Re-branding" project (

Marketing Campaign Emails and Client Landing Pages

Programmed marketing campaign HTML emails and landing pages for various Kessler clients per provided designs.

Sample HTML Emails:

Riverdeep Interactive Learning
Aegis Lending
Visa/Best Buy
GMAC Mortgage
WAMU Real Rewards

Sample Landing Pages:

PetSmart PetPerks
South Shore Mental Health
WAMU Real Rewards

Miscellaneous Pages

Business Development Rich Media Projects

Programmed page to display sample Flash pieces developed by Kessler.
Rich Media Projects Page

Kessler SF Interactive Landing Page

Programmed landing page for the Kessler SF Interactive department (with Flash banner provided by the design department).
Kessler SF Interactive Page (Note: Flash may or may not run as expected on current browsers.)