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Digital shopping leader Fluid Inc. is offering a new version of the market's leading integrated social solution for free. With Socialize, you can launch social on your site at no cost and in less than an hour.
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Some of today's leading retailers were able to increase:
checkmarkTime onsite by 147%
checkmarkPage views by 59%
checkmarkConversion by 117%
Socialize Features
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Shoppers conduct a private chat session directly on your product page. By simply sharing a unique URL with their friends, the conversation takes place on your site.
Shoppers email product detail and photos, complete with a personal message, to friends and family.
Shoppers text message a link to the product with their personal message directly to any mobile phone.
Facebook functionality brought directly into your product detail pages. Consumers tap into their networks to view and publish opinions while they shop, from "like" to a full review.
Shoppers share a product to any of the most popular social networking sites, including Twitter, Digg, and MySpace with the touch of a button.